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Western Industrial Ceramics Inc

Western Industrial Ceramics Inc

High Temp Applications

Western Industrial Ceramics creates thermal management solutions for high temperature applications. The company has expanded since 1971 to serve clients in the ten Western States of the US. Their two locations in Portland, OR, and Los Angeles, CA are complete with refractory contracting, manufacturing, and stocking.

We were approached by Western Industrial Ceramics with a need for a visual overhaul to their website. Their last site update was in 2009 and their website looked dated even back then. They were interested in increasing their visual face as their old site was barebones and lacked in images.

Western Industrial Ceramics Website by Velare Media

Quality Photography

Western Industrial Ceramics was interested in displaying their facilities with pride. Because they are able to do many different thermal management solutions, they wanted to show first hand what they offered. We were given a tour of their robust facilities for us to take photography and video.

Western Industrial Ceramics Mobile by Velare Media

Color Coded

Our Velare team created a color system on the Western Industrial Ceramics website for organizational purposes. Orange for refractory installation services, blue for solid refractory products and supplies, and yellow for soft refractory products (e.g. textiles).