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Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions Logo

Lashes + Education

Melanie approached Velare Media with a dream: quality, affordability and accessibility in the eyelash industry, something she could not find herself. Working in her Lake Oswego, OR salon, her passion and talent of eyelash extensions evolved into a love for education and training in the industry. She created a new company to focus on these endeavors. Volume is an eyelash extension supply company with a focus on education for licensed professionals, providing great products at reasonable prices.

What Volume needed was a voice. One of our designers, Mark, lead with the logo and branding aspects of the start up. For Volume, Melanie’s vision was high fashion and clean. With her ideas in mind, Mark created a geometric golden V monogram which could be used for embossing or printing in foil.


Volume is both an eyelash extension supplier and education platform and we wanted to highlight both aspects of the business with the website. As a full eCommerce site, lashes are easily sorted into shape, length, and. When training is available, licensed professionals sign up for classes straight from the site.


Striking photography is at the forefront of the website contrasted by bold, stylish type treatment. We emphasized showing off both training sessions and the products themselves.


The Volume packaging is often printed with gold foil. This creates an elegant and stylish look. Square business cards with rounded corners and various flyers were also created to help shape the brand.