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Ricks Printing

Ricks Printing

Ricks Printing Crew

Trade Industry Printing

In 2001, Rick’s Printing opened in Portland strictly devoted to providing trustworthy print services for trade print suppliers. With multiple printing presses, quality print jobs, and a quick turnaround time, they gathered a large list of clients often through word of mouth. As other printers sprung up in the area, the one place they lagged behind was in their web experience.

Rick’s Printing approached Velare Media with a need for a site redesign. We wanted to reflect their attention to detail in their print work with a sharp website that highlights their strengths. We worked closely with them throughout the creative process.

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One Page Scroll

Their original website was barebones. Rick’s Printing did not want to stray too far from what they already had. Because they wanted something simple and straightforward, we opted with a Single-Page Scrolling website. We placed their printers at the forefront with large images and printer statistics. A looping video as you enter the site shows one of their printers in action.


We met up with Rick’s Printing at their printshop for a full photoshoot. Video and photos of their printers, the shop, and the close-knit staff were taken for the website and for promotional use.