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Parrett Mountain Cellars

Parrett Mountain Cellars

Bold Oregon Wine

Parrett Mountain Cellars a small winery and tasting room run by a husband and wife duo. The winery specializes in bold red and Pinot Noir and the wine is yearly limited production runs. They run events throughout the year and more recently built a lodge-style tasting room. At the time of contact, their new tasting room was in the early stages of construction.

Making wine is their labor of love and they needed an update to their website that reflected this. They approached Velare Media to update their website from a build-your-own GoDaddy site to a full-fledged WordPress site.


They had very little in the way of photography and what they did have was low resolution. We met up with Parrett Mountain Cellars at their old tasting room and winery in order to take photos for the website. We took photos of the tasting room, their wine, and their small vineyard.

Wine Club + E-Commerce

Parrett Mountain Cellars sells a good portion of their wine online so we created an eCommerce shop for them using WooCommerce. They also have a wine club with Silver and Gold tier, built right into their storefront.

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