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Outside The Box

Outside The Box

Outside The Box Crate

DIY Refacing Experience

The DIY scene is in full force. Jamie came to us with her brainchild, Outside the Box. She saw this as an opportunity to provide a hassle free experience for users to pursue DIY cabinet refacing. Already knowledgeable in cabinet refacing herself, she wanted to create a start to finish, all in one shop and learning center.

Outside the Box approached Velare Media because she needed a web experience to accomplish her goals. It teaches all the skills needed for cabinet refacing with a video series and the store stocks their quality custom doors and refacing supplies. Users can order unfinished cabinet doors and supplies but they pride themselves on their custom stains and tinted lacquers.

Product Photography

Outside the Box wanted the website to focus on the quality of the product they produce, from solid wood doors to their hand-applied stains and glazes. We scheduled multiple photoshoots with our photographers and their team to take photos during each stage of the manufacturing process. We highlight these photos in the product information sections of the site.

How To Videos

Outside the Box previously created a video series to teach inexperienced Do It Yourselfers and the Maker community to reface their cabinets themselves. We transcribed each video and added additional information and photos to the pages, creating complete Step by Step tutorials accessible straight from the website.

Measure your cabinet box by Outside the Box
Pullout Glass Cabinet Doors Photography by Velare Media


Velare Media sat down with the Outside the Box team to construct a product tree with complex dropdown options for the needs of DIY cabinet refacing. The user is able to choose exactly what they need for their DIY project: wood species, door style, door size, stain or tinted lacquer, and any hinge prep. Different wood species allow for different stains and tinted lacquers.

Cabinet Refacing Wine Rack and Fridge Photography by Velare Media