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Everdrone Crew at Wind Turbine Site

About The Brand

The future of inspections is through drone flight using infrared and HD cameras. Everdrone creates and executes streamlined workflows for image and data gathering for in-depth analysis of heavy equipment. Integrated with cloud-based software, they produce 3D maps, compare current data with projected data, and acquire educated insights.

Velare Media was approached by the client in need of a full brand identity and website to market their startup inspection business. We worked closely with their team to craft a voice to the ideas behind Everdrone and create a comprehensive website showcasing their workflows and analysis abilities. They needed a company logo, website, and marketing materials that can be handed out in trade shows.​

Logo Design

When the client first approached us about creating their brand they were attracted to the US Air Force website. They wanted something “clean and mean.” We learned that the cameras onboard the aircraft were created by DJI. Understanding the cameras became the key to the design process.

After several weeks of drafts, we landed on a hexagon line logo. The icon was loosely based off the DJI Zenmuse X45 Camera. We wanted the logo to have personality so we made the focal point of the lens look directly at the audience. The diagonal wings were chosen to be a reference towards the Airforce brand.


After designing the logo, we needed to push the brand’s hierarchy farther. A series of custom icons were developed to describe the company’s services. Because there are many facets to inspections using drone equipment, we created a visual language around the industries and the drones themselves. The icons are utilized on the company website, business cards, and promotional materials.

Website Design

Video and image capture are integral parts of drone inspections, so we wanted to highlight both throughout the website. We worked with the team to film in some of the industries they work in to be featured on the site. We also helped them take photos on the job to demonstrate what they do and how they perform.

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Print Media

As a startup company, Everdrone wanted promotional materials that could be given away at trade shows. We created stickers initially to be used on Everdrone UAVs, hard hats, and other equipment and from there, branched out with a variety of promotional swag, focusing on stickers and t-shirts.