Versoft Consulting

Consulting Services

Versoft Consulting was formed to help clients get the full value from their portfolio management and CRM software. They go over optimization and workflows, updates, and training. They establish long term relationships with their clients and get to know the client’s business thoroughly.

As a startup, they were in need of a website. Instead of attempting it themselves, they approached Velare Media for a site that highlights their services and offerings as a consultation company.

Logo Design

When the client first approached us about creating their brand they were attracted to the US Air Force website. They wanted something “clean and mean.” We learned that the cameras onboard the aircraft were created by DJI. Understanding the cameras became the key to the design process.

After several weeks of drafts, we landed on a hexagon line logo. The icon was loosely based off the DJI Zenmuse X45 Camera. We wanted the logo to have personality so we made the focal point of the lens look directly at the audience. The diagonal wings were chosen to be a reference towards the Airforce brand.

Everdrone Branding by Velare Media

Information Overload

Versoft Consulting offers a wide variety of services. Because of the large amount of text provided to us, we organized the site to not overwhelm the users with information. Pairing large images with bullet points of relevant information as well as individual pages for more in depth analysis.

Print Media

As a startup company, Everdrone wanted promotional materials that could be given away at trade shows. We created stickers initially to be used on Everdrone UAVs, hard hats, and other equipment and from there, branched out with a variety of promotional swag, focusing on stickers and t-shirts.

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