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Day to day life can become repetitive and boring; get up, go to work, come home, eat, go to sleep, then repeat it all over again. In the world of social media marketing however, everything is always developing, which is what keeps people’s jobs interesting.

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter,and Instagram release new features on a weekly basis and marketers should adjust in order to keep up with the trends and stay ahead of the competitors.

Live Video Streaming


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Video has been taking over our social feeds for a while, but now that live streaming had been introduced, it will become the more “hip” and popular thing to do rather than just taking a video. Engaging with the crowd through live video streaming has become essential whether that be on Facebook Live, Instagram, Snapchat, or Periscope. Video still allows you to humanize your quality, but live video allows you to actually connect with your viewer which is so much more powerful.

Recently, we have seen big companies such as Marc Jacobs, The Tonight Show, and Madden  use live video streaming to promote their business. Of course these are HUGE brands but even you can use live video to build excitement about a new release, brag about your company, video an event you are throwing, or even host an interview. There are so many possibilities that come along with live video streaming.

Social Slideshow Ads


facebook slideshow

Social Slideshows are emerging in more and more social networks. They are effortless to create and they can promote images and videos connected to your company. You can also get more exposure and interaction by having advertisers pay to play.

Slideshows are a fantastic way to help your audience interact with your company in a way that will never make them forget you, whether that be showing off your new summer apparel or posting videos promoting an upcoming conference.

Instagram Stories

watch instagram stories

Just a while ago, Instagram copied Snapchat by introducing a story feature at the top of the home page which allows friends to see what their followers are doing 24/7.

Some were infuriated at the fact that Instagram copied Snapchat while others were satisfied that they could now share stories on both Snapchat and Instagram. Adults were especially happy because Snapchat isn’t a popular app for them so now they too can share their life on their favorite app.

Disregarding the fight over if copying Snapchat was the right thing to do or not, businesses have jumped at the opportunity to showcase their brands using Instagram stories. Large businesses such as Starbucks, J Crew, Taco Bell, and many more  have taken advantage of this marketing shortcut.

Social Chat


Social media chat

Would you believe us if we told you that 900 million people use Facebook messenger? Social chat is now being used more to engage with people in a personal way rather than just using it for internal communication. People are now more interested in communicating rather than just showing off their life or what’s going on in it.

Marketers should start to utilize chat apps so that their viewers can communicate with the business or others surrounding it in a more personal way. A lot of people would like it better knowing that they were talking to a person rather than a computer system. It will persuade people to come back to your website again because they connect with you on a deeper level.

All of these social media trends will allow your business to thrive in different ways. Because social media is so normal in people’s lives it is very helpful that they are now adding different concepts to allow people to communicate faster and easier. Marketers should try to keep up with these social media trends in order to keep their businesses thriving.

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