The Difference Between A Web Designer And A Web Developer

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If you are thinking about becoming a web developer it is always hard to find where to start due to the confusion between a “web designer” and a “web developer”. In this blog, we will be going through the differences between these two careers and find the best fit for you. By the end of this blog you will have a better understanding of these two jobs and hopefully have a better idea of which one you would like to do.

Let’s start out by looking at the definitions of these two careers:

Web Developers are responsible for using different factors in order to create something. Lets use cars as an example. If you were a ‘web designer’ in that sense, you would be in charge of using the engine, transmission, wheels and all the other aspects of the car in order for it to be fully functional.

Web Designers are accountable for the design of the webpage. If we use cars as an example again, they would be responsible for the design of the car which includes the comfort of the seats and the layout of the dashboard, as well as the usefulness of riding or driving the car.

Salary Information 


The biggest question people ask is how much money they are going to get with their job. In 2016 found out that the median salary for web developers was $56K while the median for web designers was $46K.

There was also a survey done in 2014 by Robert Half Technology that determined a $70-110K annual salary for web developers and $60-$99k annual salary for web designers.

However, there are many variables that may change the salary such as location, the amount of experience you have, and how you performed in your job interview. The one thing to take out from this is that there isn’t much of a difference in salaries between web designers and developers.  


web and tools

The main difference between web designers and web developers is that web developers have to understand coding more than anything. They have to work with programming languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create websites. They will also use software like text editors, command line interface, and version control to utilize other languages in order to set up email services, database and other technical parts of the website. This will allow them to build the code that will present the data.

On the other hand, web designers, instead of being in charge of the code, they make sure that it is user friendly to the viewer. They will have to understand how to use programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and GIMP so that they can design the layout of the website. They will control the input and output of the information and can be in charge of the website analytics.

Right-Brained Vs. Left-Brained

Right Brain vs Left Brain

When trying to find the differences between web designers and web developers the comparison between the right and left part of the brain is usually made.

People who think more logically and factually are said to be left-brained which will go very nicely with being a web developer. On the other side of the brain, the right side, people tend to like more of the creative things in life and they will really enjoy web design.

However there have been studies that say that some people are neither right nor left brained. This means that if you are more artistic that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a web developer and if you are more factual than you can still be a web designer.

Which Career Is For You?


web designer vs web developer

If you aren’t 100% sure yet which career you would like to head towards you are in luck because web developers can be web designers and web designers can be web developers.

Successful web developers will know how to code but they will also know which color scheme is better for the website. On the other hand web designers will know which color looks best while still understanding what coding is.

Hopefully after reading this you have a little bit of an understanding between web developers and web designers. Remember though that with either job, you are still required to know a little bit about the other job. There are many differences between these two jobs, however with either job you choose you will still have little aspects of each in your daily work life.

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