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Social media is an important aspect of Internet marketing and ranking on Google and other search engines. By using social media as a marketing tool, you will have additional outlets to direct people to your website and increase your Google ranking. With install bases in the millions, popular social networks are a great way to gain and communicate with your audience.

Social Media also allows your company to be connected to potential and previous clients on a more personal level. These consumers can instantly connect to you with questions, comments, and reviews. They may also find information relating to your upcoming shows, new product, general industry info, or newly completed work. Included in your social media profiles are your business’s contact information and location, creating more outlets for people to find you.

Using social media for your business, you will be able to increase brand recognition and loyalty, generate new customers and leads, and create more opportunities to communicate directly with your customers and better understand your target audience. There is no detriment to using multiple social media services, as it only opens up more opportunities for leads.


What are the benefits of each social media platform?


  • With over 1.19 billion users worldwide, FB is by far the most popular social media platform.
  • Nearly ¾ of the adult population has a Facebook account.
  • It  boasts the most evenly distributed demographic.
  • The best platform for increasing your brand identity.


  • One of Google’s ranking considerations for websites is based on reviews from Google+, making it a large driving force behind organic traffic.
  • Google+ pages also will be displayed to the right of your business in search results.
  • Since Google+ accounts are linked to Youtube, Gmail, Hangouts, etc., it has 540 million users, with about ⅔ active.
  • A male dominated social media platform, 67% of active users are men.


  • About 20% of the adult population uses a Twitter account.
  • Twitter users use this platform way more frequently than other social media, with most logging in on a daily basis.


  • 17% of adults use Instagram, gaining fast on Twitter.
  • Instagram also has a very devoted following, with 57% visiting on a daily basis.
  • Overall a younger age demographic with many users between 18-29 in age.


  • Third most popular social media, with 21% of US adults using the site.
  • 84% of users are female, with a significant portion of its users in the $50,000+/year income bracket and 34% of users in the $100,000+/year income bracket.
  • A Pin from Pinterest has been reported to have a real world monetary value of $0.78, making it the most valuable thing a user can do.


Although there are other social media platforms (LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc.) that we did not cover here, we are not discounting them. Each social media has its merits and fit in some sort of niche. All businesses should have Google+ and Facebook at the minimum and anything else depends on what your business does. Find the social media platforms that are right for you and jump in!

Statistics Source: Wishpond

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