New Twitter Explore Tab Will Make You Never Want to Exit Out of the App

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In 2017, Twitter will replace its Moments tab with a new Explore section which will make it easier for users to find all that they are looking for in one spot. This new tab will be available on its IOS and Android mobile apps.

The main reason that they did this was to combine all the elements of live stream, search, trends, and moments, so that all the viewers are satisfied.

The change was announced Thursday January 26th but the news wasn’t a shock to most. The company previously said that they were testing out the explore tab so people saw this change coming.

Many were surprised that this update didn’t happen sooner because elements such as live streaming have been up and coming and everyone believed that Twitter would catch on to this trend. Even the Twitter website had begun to promote livestream and such however on mobile, these were scattered and not easy to find to the viewers. This was alarming to people and they wondered when Twitter would fix it; well they have their answer now.

The new explore tab will fix all of the chaos by placing live stream videos at the top of the page. They will also have a search bar right at the top of each section allowing users to easily search what news that they are looking for. This new tab is also placed right next to the home tab which is a strategic move because more people will see it since it’s next to the main tab.

Now, since they have made these new corrections and additions, more people are able to check what is trending such as football or news and they will be able to easily access live video. This will all make people spend more time on Twitter and learn and engage more which is what the corporation wants.

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