7 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

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One of the biggest questions we get when people are deciding if WordPress is the right choice for them is “can WordPress do (blank)?” In most cases the answer is yes. In this blog we will give you 7 types of websites you can create using WordPress.

1) Blog or Personal Website



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WordPress began as a blogging platform and quickly changed into a dominant CMS. In the past 12 years these components for blogging and personal websites have not disappeared.

WordPress has becomes more precise and sophisticated in order for your blogging and creation of websites to be simpler and faster. If you want to develop a personal website or blog, you will find many tools and help at WordPress

2) Business Websites


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The easiest way to build a professional business website is by using WordPress. Even big name brands such as MTV News, Best Buy, and Xerox use WordPress to power their websites. WordPress will offer you easy tools for you to build a website and then enhance it as your business expands.

3) Job Board

Job board

In order to get an extra source of income, big sites like Smashing Magazine and Problogger use job boards. More and more people are ambitious to use job boards in order to cater to the needs of their industry or specialization.

WordPress will allow you to easily create a job board where you can post job listings and people can reply to them.

4) Question and Answer Website


Question and answer website

With WordPress you can effortlessly create your own version of a question and answers site just like Yahoo Answers, Quora, and Stack Exchange. If you want to create a successful online community, you can combine it with other tools on WordPress to make it all your own.

Having a question and answer page will also make people feel more connected to the website because they are actually communicating with someone from your business. It will make them want to come back for more.

5) Nonprofits and Religious Websites


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If you wanted to know how free WordPress is you can go to their guide, why is WordPress free?. This makes WordPress an optimal choice for nonprofit organizations.

By using WordPress plugins, you can raise money by accepting paypal donations and you can also add a donate form. If you have a nonprofit or a church, WordPress has some great themes for you to to help spread the word.

6) Coupon Website


coupon website

If you want to earn commission from a variety of websites that offer discounts on their products and services then you should use WordPress. You will be able to create a coupon site which will allow you to add and operate coupons. Your viewers will be able to vote and rate coupons which will make them feel like they are apart of your website and they will want to visit your site again.

7) Photography Websites


Person taking photo of field

Are you a professional or even ameatur photographer and want to share your photos with the world? Well with WordPress and Envira Gallery you can make that happen by creating beautiful photography websites. It even comes with cool tools such as adding galleries, albums, captions, slideshows and many more gadgets.

There are even a bunch of photography templates available for you to choose from on WordPress.

No matter what your passion is, WordPress has an option for you. You will be able to showcase your talent or your business in a simple and unique way. With all of the tools that WordPress offers, your viewers will always want to come back for more.

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