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The search for the correct free font for you or your business can be very tricky, especially if you don’t know where to look. Free fonts can also be a necessity for you if you are under a tight budget and can’t spend money on a font.

Luckily, I have found five places to find free fonts so continue reading if you are struggling to find fonts for your website.


font squirrel

If you have been reliant on a font website other than FontSquirrel then you have met your match. They have almost every font you could imagine on their website. They also make it easy for you by categorizing fonts into themes in the tab section. They have a ‘Hot’ tab which has all the hottest fonts today, they have a ‘Recent’ tab which shows the fonts that have been recently added, they have a ‘Font Identifier’ tab which allows you to upload a sentence and it tells you what font it is, and they even have a ‘Swag” tab which has products that range from t-shirts to hats.

Some font sites carry a mix of both free and not-so-free typefaces, but FontSquirrel is not one of them, they only have free fonts, so check them out.



The first thing you need to be able to do on DaFont is know how to work their search engine because that will be your key to finding the fonts you want. All you do is search for the category you want and then click ‘more options’. After this, make sure you click the ‘free’ button if you want free fonts then click ‘public domain’ and all the fonts you want should come up. This is the great thing about DaFont; it does all the heavy lifting for you, all you do is pick which font you want. Furthermore, they have easy click tabs for you to easily find the font you are interested in including ‘new fonts’, ‘themes’, and every letter of the alphabet where you click which letter you want and it lists all the fonts that start with that letter. If you are looking for a website that allows you to find fonts fast and easily, DaFont is for you.

Google Web Fonts

google web fonts

If you thought Google was just a search engine, then you should think again because they also can provide you with free fonts. The first thing that pops up when you go to Google Fonts is a page of all different fonts and examples of what they would look like with a sentence.They also have a toolbar on the side that allows you to click what font, what size, and what category you want to look at. Their goal is to make the process of finding a font simple for you. They do this by offering you a ton of free fonts that you can share and show your project to others around the world.


behance logo

One of the main things that web designers want to do is show off their amazing work and if you want a high-quality free font then Behance is for you. Sadly they do not have a font category on their website but if you search ‘free fonts’ you will get the results you are looking for. The main difference between Behance and all the other choices, is what I said above; they have very high-quality fonts, that will make your viewers wonder how you created such a professional looking website.

Type Kit


Typekit is the easiest way to purchase new and additional fonts and it works very well alongside their subscription library. All fonts are also available for both web and sync. When you go to their website they have a list of every kind of font you can imagine and a bar that allows you to reduce your search to find the font that you want. Type Kit also  offers both free and paid accounts. The free account includes a lot of fonts but it is limited. If you can’t find the fonts you are looking for then you should consider paying for an account so that you can use any font that you would like.

Any of these five websites are amazing choices if you are looking for free fonts for your website.  They each contain different aspects and similar aspects but in the end it is up to you and your business which site you are comfortable with getting fonts from.

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