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In any artistic field you will find famous influencer’s who lead the way, whether that be with new approaches, new interpretations or new technical ideas. Of course, the web design world is no different. We have leaders and champions, however it is very hard to pick just one or two of them that web designers should know. But by the use of Facebook and Twitter, it has made it easy to keep up with the current and future leaders. Here are just five of the movers and shakers that they recommend.

1) Ethan Marcotte

He is one man that does not need an introduction when it comes to web design. Ethan is one of the best known designers and a very popular speaker. Ethan coined the term “responsive web design” to describe a new way of designing for the ever-changing Web.  In 2012 Fast Company named him one of the Most Creative People in Business. More recently, he wrote two books about responsive web design that have been highly recommended by web designers. Ethan is one of the biggest names surrounding responsive web design and what’s to come next.

2) Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier is best known as a CSS and HTML expert. During his life he has published many things such as websites, scripts, and tutorials, in order to help designers advance their skills. He is also recognizable from his podcast ShopTalk and his very popular blog CSS-Tricks. In 2017 he will be at An Event Apart,CSS Day (Amsterdam), and many other events so stay tuned.

3) Karen McGrane

‘On a good day, I make the web more awesome. On a bad day, I make it suck less’ is Karen McGrane’s motto that she lives by. Having over 15 years experience of making big, complicated websites is what gives Karen an edge on other designers. She also is now managing partner of Bond Art + Science. Adding on to her already immense biography, she is also the author of ‘Content Strategy for Mobile.’

4) Sarah Parmenter

Sarah Parmenter focuses on designs for the iPhone, iPad, and the web. She is usually found to be traveling around the world to express her ideas at the world’s biggest web design conferences because she is so well known from her studio ‘You Know Who’ and because she is co-host of the Happy Monday podcast. Some of her customers are big brands such as Blackberry, STV and The National Breast Cancer Foundation of America.

5) Andy Clarke

Andy is best known for founding a Welsh-based design studio that brags about clients such as The Home Office and STV, called Stuff and Nonsense. Being a well known speaker on the conference course, his book, Hardboiled Web Design, which blends the idea of progressive enhancement with responsive web design, is always being marketed and talked about. This is what people associate Andy with due to the giant popularity that is has and brings to web design.

Now these are just five of the names that every web designer should know; there are plenty more where that comes from. Web design concepts are becoming so popular that people do talk about the famous idols that are attached to the idea of design. People can instantly tweet or text when they hear there is a new “it guy” and the word will travel fast. There are always going to be influential people in each degree but here are some that really stand out in web design.

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